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The Profit Epiphany Review

The Profit Epiphany Review

What is THE PROFIT EPIPHANY all about?

Profit Epiphany Review

In this The Profit Epiphany Review I'm going to describe a training that teaches a method created by Micah Rutter (a 16 year old) that he uses to make as much as $100 per day online using 100% FREE Traffic and adds on as much as 140 leads to his list per day.

Front End: Shows you an ethical $100 per day system that  even a total newbie can do.

 In fact to prove it, Micah has given his method to someone who's never heard of internet marketing and he made $67 in his first day, and went on to make $145.

OTO 1: 32 Copy Paste Profit Campaigns for less than $0.99c each that you can use to skip the work to start getting results right NOW!

OTO 2: Get instant approval to of the 5 best-selling offers on WarriorPlus. AND, a  done for you funnel tailored to each of the offers.

OTO 3: License rights; here you can make 100% by promoting The Profit Epiphany

The Profit Epiphany Review

Key Benefits of The Profit Epiphany Include:

  • Zero investment needed
  • NO experience required
  • No list or website needed
  • Works in ANY niche
  • Earn from day one
  • This works for ANYONE
  • So simple, even a 10 yr old can do it!
  • No complicated tech skills required
  • Working for newbies, not just the product vendor!


For this The Profit Epiphany review I had the great pleasure of talking to the 16 year old Micah. Yes, he’s really just 16 years old and yet he clearly knows his stuff!

They say if you’re going to write about something, you should write about what you know and have experience of and that’s exactly what Micah has done here. But do not be fooled by his young age.

He’s a clever fellow and I can’t help wishing if the internet was around when I was 16 (it wasn’t!) that I had half the ‘get up and go’ Micah has......!

The Profit Epiphany Review

The Profit Epiphany is a simple, very simple, method that you can get up and running in very little time, for very, very little money. Micah ably explains the straightforward things you need to do to create a basic website that can create a money-making machine for you in no time at all.

From top tips on the best and most affordable ways to set yourself up online to the cheapest short cuts, Micah’s method is so straightforward a child could do it, but, it will create an adults income if you take it seriously.

The Profit Epiphany review details above the one time offers (OTO’s) for which each can be gotten for half-price by clicking ‘no thanks’ underneath. At these prices, I heartily recommend the first two OTO’s and if you’re feeling courageous and ready to take the next steps, the third one.

The Profit Epiphany Review

The first OTO is thirty-two done for you (DFY) email campaigns expertly written by Micah. Very good value for money, at either price.

The second OTO in The Profit Epiphany are five DFY sales funnels for pre-approved Warrior Plus products.

Effective sales funnels are both a science and an art and to have 5 of them pre-done by someone who’s already tried and tested them is always going to be a solid investment if you follow through.

The Profit Epiphany Review

Which brings me nicely to my conclusion. In the view of this, The Profit Epiphany review writer, this course from 16 year old Micah is a nice little starter course for the complete beginner to making money online. But there’s a caveat. Like so many of these simple business’s you do have to do the work. The work Micah describes in the nuts and bolts section of the course requires great diligence and commitment to keep going and keep working at.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly straightforward what Micah is teaching in The Profit Epiphany, however I can only see it working well if you are the sort who will commit absolutely to doing the work, consistently.

That’s actually not a big ask. But it is the difference between those who will succeed with Micah’s method and those who won’t.

Ease of use? I’m giving it 10 out of 10. There’s nothing complicated here or hard to understand, especially if you make your life easier by getting the OTO’s.

Value for money is 8 out of 10. I’ve seen better value products for the money, but then that’s not really a fair comparison, since it’s the value of the information that’s what really counts.

The Profit Epiphany Review

My overall impression? I’m giving it 7 out of 10. Why? Well, in the view of the writer of this The Profit Epiphany review (that’s me by the way) I do think that the presentation is a little rough around the edges and I’m not wholly convinced that this method. which deals exclusively with getting started for little cost,  is the only thing you’ll need or want to do to make money online.  

You’re going to need to learn more skills than are covered in this course and whilst it would be unfair to expect The Profit Epiphany to cover them, I do think you’ll need to get cracking on learning more intermediate skills such as product production, keyword research, ranking on Google and Youtube and so on, pretty soon after mastering The Profit Epiphany, but DO master it!

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