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Traffic Victory Review


In this Traffic Victory review you will discover how Marc Gray delivers a masterclass on how to rank your website at number one in Google. It’s a truly brilliant piece of training and I kept thinking, why is he telling everyone about this? “Ssssshhhhh Marc! Let’s keep this between us, okay?”

In this Traffic Victory review you learn all about how an experienced affiliate marketer uses a plain, simple website to drive his reviews to the very top of the search engines.

Despite the fact that Marc Gray is in the affiliate marketing niche, I see no reason why what he teaches cannot be used in pretty much any niche.

His no frills, plain looking website has rapidly become a recognised authority website and other affiliate marketers are falling over themselves to get backlinks from it to their own sites.


Traffic Victory Review

Traffic Victory Review



At first Traffic Victory appears simple and straightforward. In module one Marc simply shows you his (impressive!) results he’s been getting using the method he’s about to teach. Next he moves on to what appears to be a bolt standard training on basic domain registration, setting up hosting and installing WordPress.

You begin to wonder if maybe you’ve made a mistake? What’s so special about this? But every now and then, and he tells you he’s doing this, he slips in the odd tweak, the occasional ‘let’s go and do this, most people don’t bother’ type thing.


After a while it begins to dawn on you that there’s no ‘magic bullet’, no do this ONE thing and you’ll rank high on Google. It’s all in the subtlety and the detail. Lots and lots of apparently small things that he is walking you through, that add up to a great big, big deal!


Traffic Victory Review

Traffic Victory Review


Marc explains it succinctly when he points out that Google explains very well what you are supposed to do in order to rank higher. But, most people just don’t do it!

And so the Traffic Victory training ploughs on, deeper and deeper – every step simple to follow, but soon you begin to realise, you’ve actually done quite a lot.

He does make a mistake!  A small one and he owns up to it and puts it right. If you don’t want to make the same mistake, I’ve explained in my video review exactly where in the training Marc explains and why it’s worth viewing that first, and then doing the earlier modules where the mistake crept in.


Traffic Victory Review

Traffic Victory Review


I had been working through my Traffic Victory Review all morning and so when I got the bit about ‘oops… we need to go back and re-do something’, I confess, I was tired and a tad peeved at Marc! But he was doing a ‘live’ demonstration of a step-by-step, follow along with him training, and mistakes happen and that in itself, was a good lesson. But hey, I’m saving you from that, because I’ve told you all about it in my review! 🙂

Eventually, once you’ve got everything optimised to make your website totally ready and set for top Google rankings, the next job of course is to munch your way through a pretty cool section on finding products to review and how exactly Marc goes about that too.

Most of that, I had seen before, but by no means all and just when you are least expecting it, Marc delivers his masterclass within a masterclass. A 40 minute step-by-step training on how to construct the perfect website review! In my ever so humble opinion for this Traffic Victory review, that 40 minute video alone is worth the money it cost to buy the whole training.


Traffic Victory Review

Traffic Victory Review

Okay, fair enough, if you hadn’t done the rest of the training, then that one video would simply not be enough. But it’s like the final scene of an already great movie. It’s what everything has been building to.


OTO1 is a Case Studies pack that contains:

A case studies bundle shows you over-the-shoulder some of the best results following the Traffic Victory method.
You can copy and paste these ideas to get results FASTER!

You will also be offered a second traffic source as well to help you double your traffic.

OTO2 is a done-for-you (DFY) pack that contains:

  • 90 best proven niches including the BEST offers to promote in each of the 90 niches
  • Done-For-You keyword research in each niche
  • Giant repository of royalty-free images you can use in your posts
  • 15 high quality bonuses to give away to boost affiliate conversions


Allows you to become affiliates at 100% commissions and make money promoting this high-converting funnel!




“How to Get Even More Sales Through Re-Targeting” – Two video trainings from the affiliate marketing genius, Jono Armstrong!

“How to SEO Blast Your Site To #1”  – Organically rank your site in Google – by Jono Armstrong

“Guaranteed Link Approval Hack” – How to get approved for affiliate marketing links and get review copies by Jono Armstrong

“Build Your Buyers List While Profiting!” – How to build your list even when you are promoting someone else’s product  by Jono Armstrong


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CLICK HERE if you want to see my review directly on YouTube:

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